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Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Vanessa's Challenge #1 Entry

OK ... so I couldn't work out how to embed this into a blog post ... so I guess you'll all have to go visit yourselves! It's a plug n play 'smilebox' thingy ... so fun! LOL.
Here's the link!

Now this isn't Vanessa's usual thing - but I have to agree, it is definitely cute! LOL. Thanks soooo much for sharing this with us. It's always hard to lose someone we care about ... but if you can turn that into a positive learning experience and pledge (at such a young age! LOL) to make each day have purpose ... then your life, and those around you, must surely be richer for it. Thank you for reminding us of that in such an eloquent (but fun!) way.

You still have until midnight tomorrow to send in your entry!! What are you waiting for?????
Here's the deets ...


Colette Bate said...

Vanessa ... you're doing your part to make our new challenge blog so much FUN!! I love that you're journaling using a different format than a traditional scrapbook page. It's a perfect example of alternate ways of getting your feelings and memories 'recorded' somewhere!

I love the whole Smilebox thingy ... so much that I d/l it myself and I'll have to give it a try!

Beverley is right ... you've gained a wisdom beyond your years because of adversity you've faced in your life. And, I appreciate that you're sharing it with us here.


Greta Adams said...

Woo hoo....i need to jump in and start participating..i have trouble journaling.. {gasp! i know}

V Colbourne said...

Thank you Collette and Bev. I just think that the things I have experienced have made me into the person I am today and able to deal with things differently. And hopefully it will give me knowledge of how to deal with whatever else life throws my way. Thanks for the great chance at expressing myself!

Lynnise said...

these are the times I'de like to throw my dial up out the window, LOL. I'm sure this is amazing, and what a creative way to join in on the fun!