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Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Nancy's Entry for Challenge #1

Wow. You ladies are cranking out some gut wrenching journaling! And, this fabulous page submitted by the uber-creative Nancy Jones is no exception. Love the way Nancy was able to get six pictures on her page and STILL journal her very emotional account about being 33. The little mini-book under one of her photos is one of my favorite journaling techniques.

Nancy's journaling reads:

For over Five years John and I had stars in our eyes, We played with other peoples kids. We had baby sat other peoples kids. BUT, We wanted our own babies. We just weren't real sure if we could have a baby of our own. The dr had told me it wasn't a "GOOD IDEA" with all my medical issues and kidney issues but it might could be done. Well that is all I needed to know. MIGHT was still something huh?
What would we have to do. I don't care. I want a child. I would have to go off medication for no less than 6 months. ok. well we did. and, right at the mark. When we really started trying, BAM, it took. I have never been so happy, yet so scared, in my life. I have had miscarriages before and I didn't want that heart break ever again. I want a baby. just one. that's all. The dr confirmed we definitely were pregnant. Finally my dreams of being a mommy were going to come true. Through many trips to the hospital and stays at the hospital through false labor, pre term labor and blood pressure issues... Resembling more of a whale than anything, The dr finally decided on April 21 to induce labor. It would be better than letting me go into labor on my own. Lupus is a tricky disease and can cause a lot of problems on labor and delivery. During labor my blood pressure got dangerously high, your heart rate, got dangerously low. I have never been so scared I didn't want to lose you. They wouldn't let anyone in the room trying to keep me calm as possible, but it was so scary. Finally the dr said he had to take you. so Caesarian they took you out.
IT was a long time, which felt like forever before I got to hold you. When I did I didn't want to let you go. So yeah you may be a little bit, OK you are totally spoiled rotten, but its ok..YOUR MY spoiled rotten. You are my one child that GOD gave me. My dream that I wanted to come true. Even if it was a lot later than I expected it.. But ya know. I think it was better that I had you later. God knows what he is doing after all. Some dreams you have to wait on for good reason. I'm glad I did. You were worth waiting till 33.
Now THAT'S what I'm talking about! Fabulous page, Nancy ... and we are just thrilled to bits that you were able to play with us!

There's a few days left for this challenge. If you've completed an entry just email it to us or post us a link to your blog. And, don't forget to share the journaling! We're all about the words here!


Colette Bate said...

It's just soooo exciting to have you join us for our first challenge, Nancy! Your page is just fabulous .. but, more importantly, your story is so poignant and full of emotion. I'm loving your layers and deco edging ... and that mini-book is just brilliant! You look like you were in absolute heaven when your daughter was born. A beautiful little treasure, for sure!

Beverley Todd said...

Great page Nancy ... so glad to have you join in with our very first challenge ... Love the hidden journaling too ... Oooooh! It's gonna be sooooo hard to choose just one winner this time around!

jan williams said...

Nancy's entry is AWESOME!! All of the entrys rock! Is it too late to enter?

Beverley Todd said...

Nope! Not too late at all ... entries close midnight on 14th!!

Lynnise said...

What a marvelous layout, and the jouranling is so wonderful. I forget sometimes what a huge blessing 5 boys is, thanks for the poignant reminder, AND, Nancy, I'm glad to see that there is at least one other person in the world who looked liked they had a baby after they gave birth. WOW, you've lost a ton of weight- you look awesome!! Good for you. I never did manage to get mine off. Thanks for sharing this touching time in your life with us!