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Friday, 22 August 2008

Not A Good Start (Sorry)!

Oh dear! So here we are ... just 3 weeks in to our fabulous new blog & already I am exhibiting the most unreliable behaviour. Now when I first invited (or bullied ... however you wish to see it!) Colette to join me on this new blog, the deal was that I would do most of the posting etc. ... & I haven't really kept to my side of the deal!
In my defence, some unforeseen family stuff has come up & turned everything upside down ... nothing life threatening & maybe I'll tell y'all about it sometime (or maybe I'll base a future challenge on it! LOL) So this week has been a bit shaky.
Colette suggested some time ago that maybe we should have a fortnightly challenge ... & now I have (finally) admitted that I can't do it all ... that's what we are going to do! So Challenge #2 will end NEXT Thursday - August 28 ... & Challenge #3, brought to us by a special guest designer, will go live Friday August 29.

Check the blog later this evening for more Challenge #2 entries ... & my own take on the challenge too!
Beverley Todd


Colette Bate said...

WooHoo! Beverley is back and posting! {{{hugs}}} Hope that your family issues get right-side-up real soon, hon!

And, in the meantime ... come on everyone! We've got another week to complete this challenge! It's an easy one ... just make a list of the things you LOVE about someone wonderful in your life!

Jan's page is fabulous ... but we can't let her be the ONLY player!

NancyJones said...

oh Bev I hope things calm down for ya chicky. I so know what ya mean. Life gets in the way of our scrapping sometimes doesn't it lol!

Hope ya get some more entrys.I will help "pimp" for ya lol