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Friday, 29 August 2008

Challenge #3 ... & Our First Guest Designer!

Colette spotted this fabulous layout by Jodi and immediately knew that she should be our first Pen Pal of the Week ... & obviously I had to agree!
Here's what Jodi had to say:
I am quite honored that you and Colette have chosen my page!
I didn't have a chipboard or ghost shape star the right size so I cut one
from a milk jug! It was a little too plain so I put bold pattern paper on the back of it! I scanned my juice label, receipt, and jammie pants and added them to the "collection" of photos!

The journaling reads:
While browsing for some inspiration, I came across a magazine call
requesting lo's about how numbers play a role in your life. I instantly
thought "hhmm, not many in my boring life!" A few hours later, on my way
to buy groceries -again- I started to realize how numbers really do add up
to complete my life. This really was fun to work on!! Just to name a few:
today is 8-4-08
I am 40
my life is blessed with 3 great guys
I have 8 daycare kids
my house number is 1179
we drink 5 gallons of milk each week
there are about 60 monkeys on my favorite jammie pants!
I drink 8 glasses of water a day
my alarm goes off at 5:15
I love 80's classic rock
I run at least 6 loads of dishes a week
I spend over $200 for groceries and supplies
I walk 60 minutes most everyday
I wash at least 10 loads of laundry
I drink 8oz of grapefruit juice every morning
I have been married to my best friend for 11 years
Nearly 100 toys "decorate" my livingroom floor!
gas is an outrageous $3.67
I wash 80 icky fingers 3x a day
I prepare 23+ meals/snacks a week
I'm lucky if I get 7 hours of sleep
I have 18 shoes by my front door
Umpteen hugs a day make it all worth while!
So this week's challenge is all about the math: Make numbers the focus of your journaling.
Thank you so much Jodi, for sharing your work with us & bringing this great challenge to Pen Pals. I love the play on words in your title and the numbers that you have chosen to give us an insight into your daily life (even if gas is so much cheaper in the US! LOL) Great tip for the recycled star too!!

Have you got what it takes to be our next Pen Pal of the Week? Send your entries in (be sure to copy your journaling in to your e-mail too) and you could be joining us for Challenge #6 on this very blog! You don't have to be a scrapbooker - we are all about the words here - maybe you'd like to enter a card, altered item, blog post, journaling sample or a poem. So long as you use our 'numbers' theme, we'd love to hear from you. This challenge will end on September 11 2008 at midnight BST, so you have two whole weeks!

We'll be back tomorrow with another Pen Pal of the Week: Challenge #2's winner, who will be joining us for Challenge #5.


Aubree said...

What a fabulous layout Jodi! I have been inspired since I first saw this....I can think of so so many things to do with this challenge! I can't wait to get started.

NancyJones said...

oh that is a fabulous love that you cut that out of a milk jug! This gives me something to plot and plan during the hurricane hahaha

Lynnise said...

JOdi, this sounds like a way cool challenge, I had to many thing to do and to little time last week, so I'm really hoping I'll have time to play, this is a great challenge!! your layout is fabulous BTW

Chantele said...

I love everything about your layout even down to the scan of the monkeys on your pajamas! What a fantastic way to really visualize all that awesome journaling!! Your journaling has inspired me to think about all the numbers in my life. There REALLY are numbers all around us that we just take for granted every day.

Carol Sisk said...

This will be my first entry to one of your challenges. I love the inspiration!

Where the math comes in on my layout...the "tons" of cookies that my niece and daughter baked last Christmas.

Here's the link to my layout:

pamala said...

Soooooooooooooooo fabulous!!!

Gaspegirl said...

This was a fun challenge, thanks! Here is my entry:

The Squared One said...

Like I said, not exactly journaling focused :)