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Saturday, 9 August 2008

Lynnise's Entry for Challenge #1

Journaling Reads: How vividly I remember my excitement as I woke up nearly nineteen years ago, and readied myself for our secret rendezvous in Ellsinore. I was a bundle of nerves knowing that what I was about to do would forever change my life. My parents were completely unaware of the life changing events that were unfolding as they slept soundly that cool Saturday morning in April. Jeff and I had made the big plans on little more than a dare the day before. I wasn’t even sure if I’d have the nerve to follow through, but as Jeff pulled into the driveway in his maroon Dodge Omni, all my fears were replaced with the happiness and anticipation. I knew then that not only would I follow through, but that, we’d live a long, happy life together. I didn’t care that I was still just a senior in high school. I didn’t think about the fact that we had no money or that we would have no place to live. It never entered my mind that we would send shock waves through our church and school, becoming the center of gossip and the subject of many rumors for months to come. All I could think of at that moment was that in a few short hours I would become Mrs. Jeffery Bowman.

Thanks for sharing with us Lynnise ... We will look forward to reading all about the next 19 years!!

Have you taken the challenge yet??

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Colette Bate said...

OMG!! Are you SERIOUS??!! From the very first sentence ... secret rendezvous ... I was drawn in. The more I read the more suspicious I became .. but, no .. it can't be true .. she was only 'tweet' sixteen. But ... YES .. it's true ... she eloped with her one true love .. willing to face the world and the repercussions together!

Lynnise .. this is an amazing story .. and one that needs to be documented for your future grandchildren and daughter-in-laws! And, you've done it beautifully on this page.

That little birdy is toooo cute .. and the way the swirlies acr coming from him ... like your story is be sung. The colors you've chosen are very attractive .. and I really like how you've designed the page and then place the text in it's own white box at the bottom. Very graphic!

You look beautiful at 16 ... with a glow of innocence and definately happy.

This page is just amazing.

I'm honored that you participated in our first challenge.

NancyJones said...

Your story is so captivating and I was sitting here with my mouth open. I cannot believe that but IM SOOO happy you did. You have the most incredible family. I love the closeness you guys share and your kids are just amazing!!! SO many times I dreamed of being wisked away at a young age when your starry eyed and dreamy... This is absolutly amazing girl. I AM SO PROUD OF YOU FOR JOURNALING YOUR STORY!!!!