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Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Vanessa's Challenge #4 Entry

Journaling reads:

My Hopes

Everyone has numerous hopes and dreams- ones that often change every day. I, on the other hand, have had the same hope for a long time. You were always more then an uncle to me, you were my teacher- my mentor. It was hard for people to see in you what I saw. Often people only saw you for the teacher, the bossy teacher, the one who made them actually do some school work. They couldn’t handle the challenge. They weren’t used to it. I wanted (or needed!) the challenge and I always got it. I felt as though I always needed to work harder then everyone else. They all thought I was getting good grades just because I was your niece. Oh boy! Were they ever wrong! I believe family has to work harder than everyone else; they have a standard outside of school to hold up to, a home and family standard that others never realize. I thank you for those challenges. I never took the time to say it. Although I believe that day you called me and convinced me to stay in University (regardless of the money, you said something would work itself out) you understood that your words meant more to me then anyone else’s at that time. To have someone with such high standards believe in you is worth the whole world. So my hopes? My hopes are

to be at least half as good of a teacher as you were. Anything over half would be outstanding! I think about you every day and I silently

thank you for pushing me to reach my goals- and I am nearly there!

Thanks for playing along again Vanessa - I'm loving the li'l ribbon flower details & how you pulled the whole thing together with the red in the staff noticeboard. I'm pretty sure you are going to look back on your Uni years fondly, they were definitely some of my best times! LOL.

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The Squared One said...

Wow, this is so incredible! The journaling so moving, and what a tribute to your uncle. Wow, incredible!

NancyJones said...

Wow your journaling is so powerful. Im so glad you did this page telling your uncle what an influence he was/is in your life. That is so powerful.
Beautifully done.

Colette Bate said...

What a wonderful take on Jing Jing's challenge, Vanessa! This totally ROCKS!! I love the design of your page ... the placement of the journaling text and the photo/mat layered on the burgandy mat .. ohhh, it looks so cool! I know that for me it's difficult to get a lot of journaling onto a page without it looking like a magazine! You've done a fabulous job! Your ribbon flowers are awesome ... everything works beautifully here.

How wonderful, too, that you've managed to share some of your personal history in addition to your journaling your wish and hopes. It helps give some perspective about why you chose this topic. It sounds like you love and respect your uncle very much ... and your life is obviously better because of his influence. This is a page I know you'll cherish forever. Thanks, Van, for sharing it with us!!

Big Hugs!

Lynnise said...

such a wonderful tribute! Your story is just wonderful. My mom was my teacher and I could pretty well just exchange the names and have this story fit my life. You did an amazing job with this!!

V Colbourne said...

Thanks so much ladies, your kind words nearly brought me to tears. You are wonderful people! :)