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Thursday, 25 September 2008

Marta's Challenge #4 Entry

Well it has just been one of those months so far where little gets done! I guess it must be the same for most people as I have to say all my blogs have been quiet of late - not so many comments, and only 3 entries to this current challenge!!
Anyway, this li'l package of loveliness comes to us from Marta.

Here's what she had to say:
I did this LO in a 8x10 photo frame, inspired by one posted by Colette in the SO gallery some time ago.

The journaling translation is as follows:

My Wish…

I wish that I was closer to both of you instead of being a long-distance grandma. I wish I could sing you songs and read you stories before going to sleep. I wish I could make bubbles with you and chase the butterflies; See all the Elmo movies with Chloe and dance all the songs of the Backyardigans with Alejandra.

I wish I could tell you about Abuelita Cuqui, and how much she loves to sing and recites poems. I wish I could also tell you about Abuelito Juan, Abuelita Mary and Abuelito Figue; and how much they would have loved their great granddaughters. I would tell you about your cousins, aunts and uncles here in Puerto Rico, and how much we enjoy our family reunions. I would tell you about how beautiful Puerto Rico is ‘The Enchanted Island’, as it is called; where your parent’s roots are and so are yours.

I wish I could be closer to the two of you so that I could practice Spanish with Chloe and see Alejandra’s progress as she learns English. I would enjoy so much watching you grow. I would constantly talk to you about God Our Father, and all the blessings you receive each day of your lives and the marvelous gift he has given you of having parents that love you so much. I wish I could be closer to you to take care of you when your mom and dad have other responsibilities and that way you wouldn’t have to stay in the arms of non-family members.

I have to recognize that technology makes wonders! And thanks to the existence of the internet, digital photography and cellular phones, I can enjoy of the many moments almost instantly. But, my main wish is that I could hold you in my arms and kiss you frequently especially each time you say “I love you Nana”.

Thanks for sharing with us! I love the mix of graphic style & computer text, softened with the clustered embellies & li'l splashes of colour that tie in elements of the photos - adorable! And your wish? Something I guess most long distance grandparents also feel & something that the ones closer must appreciate every day!


Aubree said...

What a beautiful layout...and moving words. Wonderful work!!

Colette Bate said...

OH MY GOODNESS, Marta. I can honestly say this is one of the most beautiful pages I've ever seen. And, honey, I'm so honored that were inspired by my 'scrap on glass' project.

First of all, I could go on for days about your journaling ... about being a long distance grandma. I can totally feel the incredible amount of love you feel for these two adorable girls and the lament, too, at not living closer to them. I am so lucky to be able to participate in the everyday lives of my granddaughter's and can't imagine the sadness you must feel knowing that you are unable to share the day to day experiences of your girls. If it's any consolation, Marta, my grandmother's were long distance grandmothers, too. And, of all the people I loved most in this world, and who had the most influence in my life, it was my grandmothers. Trust me ... even if you're far away, these girls will know how much you love them and they'll return it ten-fold.

Finally, your project is simply stunning. I just LOVE the way you've incorporated the journaling onto the glass ... via a transparency I presume ... and then clustered your perfectly chosen and placed embellishments around that most adorable photo. You've got it all here, hon ... a heart with wings, butterflies, ohhhh, are those pink paper reinforcers? The circle elements, the touches of pink ... ohhhhh, it's ALL GOOD!

This is just incredible, girl. A treasure for the ages ... and we're just so thrilled you shared your talents and your feelings with us today!