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Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Nancy's Challenge #4 Entry

Here is Nancy's entry for Challenge #4 ... & a bit of a departure from our usual 1-pic post. Not favouritism, you understand (although I guess you might have heard that I'm a not-so-secret Nancy fan! LOL) but she sent me close ups & I thought it would make a nice change!
Anyway, the journaling reads:
There are so many things that I hope for your future. You are such a smart, caring and beautiful girl. You have a beautiful heart so full of love. I hope you always stay true to yourself. Pursue your passions and live your life to the fullest. I hope you apply your self and get the most from your education. We will always sacrifice to make sure you have the best education we can get you.
I hope you find a man someday as wonderful as your father to be your husband. NEVER settle for any one that does not cherish you and treat you like your father treats me. Make sure he is also your best friend. Forever is a long time when you are unhappy. I hope for you struggles that will make you strong. Unselfishness and happiness but most of all I hope that you know just how loved you are, and that I am so very proud to have you as my daughter.

Awwww Nancy, you made me cry! Not that I shall admit it, ever! LOL. In fact I told DS1 that I had something in my eye ... not that he bought it - I have smart kids, which can be a disadvantage!
Anyway, I shall try to keep my emotions in check ... or just blame the hormones! Thanks for joining us again Nancy - I love the li'l hinged journal book & the buttons ... & the 'love mommy' sticker detail ... all of it really (I'm a bit of an embellie junkie too! LOL) I'm a bit tired this week, so I guess I'll leave it up to Colette to come along and say something really fabulous! LOL.


The Squared One said...

Nancy, I love your gorgeous creation and thanks for playing along and sharing your hopes for Bella with us!

Colette Bate said...

Well ... it's so easy to find a kazillion fabulous things to say about this challenge entry from Nancy. First of all .. it's EXACTLY what you'd expect from her! Lots of cool layers, tons of awesome texture ... (lovin' the cardboard background) and soooo cute embellies! Love the Heidi Swapp papers! But, that adorable hinged mini on your page is just brilliant! That's one of my favorite ways of getting a lot of journaling onto a singe page layout! And, I love that it's handwritten ... truly a love note of wishes for Bella-Bug!

I particularly love the way you've used the photo of Bella ... from behind. It's almost like you're writing your wishes for her while you watch her grow and become independent. So touching. And, your journaling brought a tear to my eye, too. Heartfelt, genuine, and so full of love. Just beautiful.

Thanks, girl, for joining us again! Your work is amazing and it's such a treat for the eyes and the heart!

Big Hugs!