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Thursday, 10 December 2009

This is Random

Ran . dom -adjective Having no specific pattern, purpose, or objective
I'm constantly amazed at the things you can find on the internet. During an afternoon of blog posting, leaving comments and praise on message boards and the blogs of my peeps, I stumbled across a random word generator site. Just for fun I began clicking the 'new word' tab and I was intriqued by the randomness of each word that was displayed. Each word generated was totally unrelated to the previous word. And, I noticed that when a new word would appear in the creamy yellow box it conjured up a thought or a memory in my head.
What a perfect prompt for a journaling challenge! So, your challenge this week is to go to the website, here, and scrap the word that is randomly generated for you and use it in the title on your page! And, it doesn't matter if you have to click the new word button a few times until you are compelled to scrap a word. Just relax and enjoy this fun way to prompt you to tell your story.
Here's my page for my randomly generated word:
What Happened to My Organization.

Journaling reads: For as long as I can remember I've loved to organize things. For me, there's real joy and satisfaction seeing everything clean, lined up, and in order. Craig expected the things in our home to be organized and although he wasn't too good at getting it that way, he was exceptional at keeping it that way. It was how we lived and that was fine with me.
Whenever there is change or stress in my life I feel compelled to clean and organize everything. It's my way of being in control. After Craig died, I spent months organizing every nook and crannie, desperately needing to regain command of my life and surroundings, and moving in to a new house helped me to do that.
I've lived here for 2 years now and slowly I've become less compulsive, less organized. It concerns me, but not enough to motivate me to action. What has changed? Am I adapting? Feeling less stress? More relaxed?

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