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Every other Friday we will issue a new journaling challenge and post our sample pages on the blog. We'd love to have you join in with us too ... & maybe we'll pick you to be our 'Pen Pal of the Week!'

How you interpret the challenge is up to you, we will mostly create scrapbook pages - but feel free just to journal/blog post ...or maybe adapt the challenge to your art journals, cards & altered art.

Leave a comment on the challenge post with a link to your blog or gallery where we can find your work ... & if you'd like to be considered for the 'Pen Pal of the Week!' Guest Design Spot, be sure to e-mail your entry too!

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Welcome to 'Pen Pals'

We are sooooo excited to be launching this new challenge blog, all about journaling. For many people, the journaling is the bit that often becomes a neglected part of recording our memories and is sometimes little more than place names & dates.
Colette and I have a love of language that we want to share with all our friends in blogland and we hope that will inspire you to join us and spread the word(s)!
Each week (we have an extended deadline for our first challenge) we will post a journaling topic & post our examples (either or both of us). We hope that you will all want to play along too.
And with each new challenge, we will be looking for that one special person whose winning words will warrant the (soon-to-be-coveted) title of 'Pen Pal Of The Week'.
Our first pen pal will join us for the first challenge in September and will have their challenge sample published alongside ours ... along with their blog link permanently in our 'Pen Pals' Blogroll.

And for our first challenge - we also have an additional prize for our '40 Days Event' winner! Pop back on August 1st to find out more!


Timi O. Mercado said...

Congrats on your new blog! I love journaling.My page is not complete without it. Can't wait for your first challenge.

V Colbourne said...

Woooo congrats on the new blog! It's going to be a load of fun to get started and to follow along with your challenges. Journalling is something I rarely use, so hopefully this blog will give me the jumpstart I need :)

Congrats once again!

jay670120 said...

look forwards to seeing this up and running . good luck too x

Ginny said...

Journaling is what I always say is the most important thing in scrapbooking, yet it is what I struggle with the most. I look forward to this blog!

Colette Bate said...

Hey Ginny! We're happy that you found us ... and can only hope that our challenges will inspire you to journal your story! I'm sure that over the next few months you'll discover a TON of inspiration here that will help kick start your journaling mojo! And, don't forget that we're always here to help, too! Welcome aboard, girl ... we look forward to reading your stories!

V Colbourne said...

Heyyy, I finally completed is the link: It's not the usual thing I do, but I thought it was cute...heehee.